Thin Client Licenses enable running a configured Web Studio/Aveva application in a browser on any authorized IP address. One user session is supported as default with each Runtime.  This product allows you to increase the number of thin clients concurrently connected to the Server. The runtime software supports up to 1000 concurrent Thin Clients of any mix, however, physical constraints such as network bandwidth, processing power, and memory may impose lower actual limits.

Ordering Information

Simply order the number of concurrent licenses desired.

If you are adding Thin Clients to an existing system, provide the Registration or License Number of the Runtime Package in the order notes.

Note: This product is for Windows runtime licenses. For systems using WindowsCE, Windows Embedded, Windows IoT or IoTView runtimes, order SSR-TCE instead.


Options:  Your selections are appended to the part number (SKU), separated by dashes in the order listed below (if applicable).

SSR-TC: Add’l Thin Client, Windows

Add’l Thin Client License for Windows SCADA/HMI Runtimes


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