A-B PLC Upgrade Incentive OfferTOPDOC PLC-2 lets you maintain your existing Allen-Bradley PLC-2 systems. TOPDOC PLC-2 will run on any PC, including modern Windows 10/11 systems.  The software is provided on a USB flash drive and includes the DOS operating system.

Included with the product is our custom attached mode cable (TD2-UCAM) that allows you to connect from a PC USB port to the PLC-2 front port – no special  interface card is needed in the PC.

  • Offline programming, documentation, reports
  • Online programming, troubleshooting
  • Upload/download

Package includes: TOPDOC PLC-2 Software and TD2-UCAM Attached Mode Cable (USB 2.0 port to PLC-2 programming port).


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Weight: 2 lbs
Dimensions: 12.5 × 11 × 2.5 in
  • A-B PLC Upgrade Incentive OfferFree programming/configuration software with your company’s first purchase of a SoftPLC PAC or Gateway! Simply add TOPDOC NexGen to your cart, and use coupon code “FreeTDNG” at checkout.
  • With your 1st purchase of TOPDOC PLC-2, PLC-5 or PLC-3, receive a $1000 discount on a new Smart or NeoPAC SoftPLC controller or Gateway.  Simply add your selected Smart/NeoPAC to your cart, and use coupon code “ABPLCUpgrade” at checkout.  (Free TOPDOC NexGen offer above also applies!)



TD2-FN: PLC-2 Programming Software

TOPDOC PLC-2 Programming Software

Product Specifications Data Sheet | More info…


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