TagWell™ provides solutions for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) – it is a powerful, configurable platform for comprehensive, scalable remote system management.  TagWell uses Internet cloud technologies and low-cost M2M cellular communications. Combined with our SoftPLC controllers and Gateways, TagWell makes it easy to monitor, control, acquire data from, and troubleshoot remote systems.

TagWell Cellular Plans are communications services that, via a cellular modem, provide access to/from SoftPLC Remotes (any SoftPLC controller or gateway), enable real-time browser-based remote monitoring and control of industrial systems, and to send Email and text messages (eg: remote alarms and reports).

TagWell Cellular Plans require an initial 2-year comittment paid in advance, with annual renewals thereafter.  Plans include service through Verizon, with customer service, up-time and data use monitoring by SoftPLC Corp.  If you are ordering an extension to an existing plan, reference the modem phone number or IP address in the order notes.  Initial purchase includes an activated SIM card.

Alternative access (direct Ethernet connections), private customer VPN’s, and other options are available.  If you are interested, contact SoftPLC sales for pricing and alternatives.


Options:  Your selections are appended to the part number (SKU), separated by dashes in the order listed below (if applicable).

Cell Plan: 1MB, 5MB, 1GB, 5GB

TW-ASCx: TagWell Cellular Account Plans

TagWell Account Configuration & Setup

Product Specifications Data Sheet | More info…


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