Smart Adapters provide a Tealware I/O Interface to remote I/O drops over Ethernet, connected to any SoftPLC controller or other controller that supports ModbusTCP.

Where the I/O needs to be physically distributed, when there are more points than available for a local I/O SoftPLC, or where the control system CPU is not a Smart SoftPLC, then Tealware modules can be used with Smart Adapters on ModbusTCP Ethernet in a wide variety of configurations, with up to 127 remote I/O drops of up to 24 modules per drop (up to 3K modules / 97K I/O points!).

Tealware I/O can be used to replace or add I/O as part of an A-B PLC Migration / Upgrade process.

Two interface options are available:

  • Backplane3: Any three (3) Tealware modules can mount directly onto a Smart Adapter equipped with a Backplane3 Interface.
  • LocalPorts: If more than (3) modules are needed at a location, a Smart Adapter equipped with a LocalPorts Interface is used to connect to up to (3) I/O Bases. I/O Base Expansion Cables, available in 2′, 4′, and 6′ lengths, connect from the Adapter to an I/O Base (as well as from I/O Base to I/O Base).

The Adapter comes with a DIN-rail mounting bracket, which mount the Adapter with the Ethernet ports facing left.  An optional panel mount bracket (SM-VBKT) can be used with the LocalPorts version to mount the adapter with the Ethernet ports facing forward.


Options:  Your selections are appended to the part number (SKU), separated by dashes in the order listed below (if applicable).

TW Interface: BP3, LP
Weight: 2 lbs
Dimensions: 5 × 12 × 5 in

SMA4: Tealware Local I/O Adapter

Smart Adapter for Tealware I/O

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