SoftPLC Web Studio/Aveva Edge are software products that include a powerful, integrated collection of automation tools and building blocks required to develop a wide range of SCADA/HMI applications. This item is a development only license. All software tools are included (eg: alarms, trending, graphics, reports, ….).

To order, select the license size to accommodate the number of tags you need (typically about 30% more than the number of real I/O points).

Package includes:
  • Development license, capable of generating applications for any Runtime (including Runtimes embedded into SoftPLC HMI’s)
  • Support for (1) Web Thin Client, (1) Secure Viewer Thin Client, and (1) SMA Thin Client concurrently connected to the runtime
  • Package contains flash drive which includes software, embedded user manual, a tutorial and selected copy protection key type (default is a USB hard key)
  • Powerful, yet easy and intuitive, graphic development environment
  • Alarms, Trends, Events, Recipes and Report functions
  • Run applications from anywhere using 3 different types of remote view clients
  • Programming and advanced functions via powerful scripting languages
  • Flexible tags database with support for redundancy and interfaces to SQL relational databases
  • Distributed, multi-level application security
  • Comprehensive diagnostic and troubleshooting aids
  • Download tools for fast development/test cycles and project updates
  • Over 250 built-in direct communication drivers, plus OPC server and client support
  • Internationalization via Unicode fonts and one-click online language translation at runtime

Options:  Your selections are appended to the part number (SKU), separated by dashes in the order listed below (if applicable).

Tag Size: 15, 4K, 32K, 512K
License Key: SK, HK
Brand: SoftPLC Web Studio, Aveva Edge
Weight: 2 lbs
Dimensions: 9.5 × 15.5 × 0.5 in

SSD: SCADA/HMI Development

SCADA/HMI Development Only License

Product Specifications Data Sheet | More info…


Selecting a Brand

Brand is a selection that determines whether the software license is for SoftPLC Web Studio or Aveva Edge.  The software used to develop an application MUST match the runtime or license in the HMI.

This selection determines:

  1. Whether your technical support is through SoftPLC Corp. or Aveva
  2. Web Studio is version 20, Edge is currently version 23.
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