The MLXP300-SNS2 combines a NeoPAC SoftPLC with an I/O block that includes (16) digital inputs and (16) digital outputs to create a compact, DIN-rail mount programmable automation controller suitable for small I/O count applications, and to replace Rockwell MicroLogix systems.

  • (12) 24VDC sinking digital inputs + (4) fast inputs that can also serve as 1 High-Speed Counter
  • (12) 24VDC sourcing digital outputs + (4) fast outputs that can serve as PTO/CFO/PWM
  • (1) GB RJ-45 Ethernet port (10/100/1000MB), user configurable protocols
  • (2) option ports for factory-added interfaces for protocols such as A-B DH+, A-B RIO, RS-485 and others
  • (2) USB Host communication ports
  • DIN-rail mount, approx 10-1/4 x 3-7/8 x 2-7/8 inches (WxHXD)
  • Extensive ladder logic capability for control, computations/data manipulation, and more
  • Supports multiple user selectable Ethernet/serial protocols to hundreds of other vendor I/O products, devices and networks
  • 512MB RAM user memory for virtually unlimited logic and up to 100M words data registers
  • 8GB on-board flash for application, web pages and data logging
  • Optional Micro SD flash for data logging – externally accessible
  • Alarm notification via email/text message, reports/logs can be sent via email attachments (option)
  • Embedded web server with read/write data ability (option)
  • 802.11 b/g/h WiFi interface (option)
Ordering Information

NeoPAC SoftPLC uses TOPDOC NexGen software for programming, configuration and troubleshooting. A free TOPDOC NexGen license is included with your first SoftPLC purchase, see the Offers Tab.

  • Specify the communication capacity using RT Size (RT Size button describes the options).
  • There are 2 Option Ports.  For A-B Data Highway Plus (DH+) or Remote I/O (RIO), or additional RS-485 ports, specify the mix you desire.
  • Select factory installed Hardware OptionsWiFi or Extended Temperature.
  • Select Firmware Options you want installed – Web Server or Email.

Options:  Your selections are appended to the part number (SKU), separated by dashes in the order listed below (if applicable).

RT Size: LT, 1K, 2K
NeoPAC Option Ports: None-None, BH-None, 485-None, BH-485, BH-BH, 485-485
Hardware Options: No HW Options, WiFi Support, Ext Temp, WiFi + Ext Temp
Firmware Add-ons: No FW Add-ons, Web Server, Send Email, Web Server & Email
Weight: 1 lbs
Dimensions: 4 × 10.5 × 1.5 in
  • A-B PLC Upgrade Incentive OfferFree programming/configuration software with your company’s first purchase of a SoftPLC PAC or Gateway! Simply add TOPDOC NexGen to your cart, and use coupon code “FreeTDNG” at checkout.
  • With your 1st purchase of TOPDOC PLC-2, PLC-5 or PLC-3, receive a $1000 discount on a new Smart or NeoPAC SoftPLC controller or Gateway.  Simply add your selected Smart/NeoPAC to your cart, and use coupon code “ABPLCUpgrade” at checkout.  (Free TOPDOC NexGen offer above also applies!)



MLXP300-SNS2: NeoPAC SoftPLC, Digital I/O

MLX Series NeoPAC SoftPLC w/ Digital I/O

Product Specifications CPU Data Sheet | CPU & I/O Specifications | More info…


About RT Size

RT Size is a SoftPLC license setting that determines communication driver maximums.  RT Size only applies if you are using:

  • ModbusTCP Master:  # of Server Connections
  • Ethernet/IP:  # of Connection Bytes
  • A-B DH+/RIO:  # of Logical Racks
  • Tealware Local I/O: # of Discrete I/O (largest of 2 values)
Which RT Size should I choose?  

Select Lite (LT) if you are not using the protocols above. Use the table below to determine the RT Size needed for your application.

RT Size MBTCP Enet/IP  A-B Racks I/O
LT 2 64  1 128
1K 16 512  8 1024
2K 32 1024 16 2048
8K 127 4096 64 8192
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